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The high service level at Spectrum offers both the finest traditions of hand valeting with the most advanced, environmentally friendly techniques in fabric care.


Spectrum provide a combination of hand valeting with the most advanced and highest quality solvents and stain removing chemicals. Each garment goes thorough a cleaning process. Garments start with a thoroughly detailed inspection process, stain removal is then undertaken using the highest quality chemicals, and then dry-cleaned using a state of the art machine and the finest dry cleaning solvent, all garments are hand finished by professional pressers. Minor repairs are conducted before a final inspection and packaging is completed.


All shirts undergo a pre-wash inspection and treatment before washing. Each shirt is hand finished and inspected. Shirts can be returned hung or folded. Further options include starched shirts. We also starch shirts, in particular dress shirts and stiff collars.


All laundry is washed in pre-soften water, using the highest quality detergents to ensure a clean and fresh finish. All items are pressed using the finest ironing equipment and fully trained staff.

repairs +

All forms of repairs and clothing alterations are undertaken to revitalise or restore or perfecting the garment fit. Invisible mending and re-weave services are also available.


We have experience and knowledge in the cleaning care of all curtain and blind styles. Complete cleaning services is offered along with a take down and re-hang service on request. This is carried out by trained and skilled staff that use portable steamers to ensure a complete high quality standard is achieved.

rugs + soft

Rugs and soft furnishings are cleaned to the same high standard. All rugs and soft furnishings are priced individually. Quotes can be given in-store or on site at your home by one of our family members at a time to suit you.


Full cleaning and preservation methods offered by the experienced family members at Spectrum to ensure your special garments and cleaned and cared for. All precious items are given a most detailed inspection and once cleaned are meticulously packed in a box of your choice to ensure the garment is preserved after cleaning and during storage. Alternatively they can be returned in breathable bag to keep the garment hanging if desired.

couture +

Couture garments benefit from our 40 plus years of experience. We specialise in cleaning of beaded garments. Over the years we have built up relationships with high class designers and dress hire companies as a company that can be trusted with couture, beaded, evening and vintage wear.

carpet &

We are recognised as a highly respected professional carpet cleaning company. Our experienced carpet cleaners have experience and skills needed to ensure the best cleaning result. Carpets will be damp but only require a few hours to dry. Carpets can have additional treatments to sanitise or help to repel moth.

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Steam cleaning your mattress is just as important as cleaning your clothes and carpets. Mattresses retain all kinds of microscopic bugs, bacteria and dust mites so therefore should be cleaned at least once a year.

We clean mattresses using a steam extraction system. This system deep cleans the mattress as well as killing any bugs and mites. The high powered extraction means that your mattress will be only slightly damp once cleaned however we do recommend an early appointment as some mattresses can take up to eight hours to dry.

We Quote, We book and We Clean